The Dreaded Condo Complex Notice

Rule book

Anyone who’s lived in a condo complex is familiar with the notices that pop up on the bulletin boards, on the exit doors, in emails, and in every other medium imaginable. They generally address issues that have cropped up and serve as reminders about the condo rules and standards.

Notices are tricky, though, especially in smaller complexes. If the notice reminds tenants that tossing cigarette butts into mulch is a fire hazard and there’s only one smoker in the complex, everyone knows who the notice is talking about. If it reminds condo owners that parking in the fire lane is prohibited and there’s one person who consistently flaunts that particular rule, same thing.

So how can notices get their point across without making certain tenants feel targeted?

The best way is to use a bit of generalization, or a bit of passing the buck. Instead of saying “Don’t pitch your butts in the mulch,” a message more along the lines of “The fire department has asked us to remind all tenants that cigarettes and mulch are a bad combination.” Invoking the fire department is also a good way to bring up the issue of parking in the fire lane.

Communal living isn’t always easy, and when you need to bring certain condo owners in line, it can get even more challenging. But as long as your tenant notices are painted with broad strokes, no one will feel like there’s a target on them.

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