Taking Notes Can Save Myriad Hassles

Property managers have to take in, disseminate, and act upon an enormous amount of information daily. There’s not only the input from the property management team, there’s the interaction with vendors, conversations with potential and existing residents, phone calls, emails, texts, and emergency notifications. It’s a lot to handle!

The first quality a property manager should possess is an ability to stay organized, followed closely by an ability to multitask. But often forgotten is the ability to take notes along the way, to make sure important details aren’t missed.

This is especially important if, as a property manager, you find yourself picking up little bits of information that might not seem that important at the moment, but could become major issues that require some sort of documentation to prove it.

For example, say that you’re having a conversation with a resident about the weather, and without thinking, they let it slip that they love the way their American flag flutters in the breeze off their balcony. A friendly chat is probably not the best time to inform the resident that anything hanging from the balcony is a violation of community rules, so writing yourself a quick note to follow up on it is best. It’ll also give you a chance to verify that what they said is true before you need to make things formal.

Quick notes can also provide a handy checklist throughout the day or the week. As you either address or dismiss the information you take in, you can make sure that you’re on top of the little things so they don’t become big things.

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