Spring Cleaning for Condo Associations

Your thermometer might not be showing it yet, but spring is here! It’s time to throw out the old and clear out old clutter in preparation for warmer weather. You’ll likely see a lot of your residents rolling up their sleeves and digging in for some spring cleaning. There are a few ways your condo association can both support their efforts and take advantage of their energy to get the property cleaned up as they’re cleaning out their units.

Paper Shredding

Spring is a great time to clear out old files, especially as people are elbow deep in them already to get their taxes done. To help them get rid of old files without worrying about theft of sensitive personal information, host a shredding day. Hire a reputable secure document shredding company in your area to hang out in the office and help residents get rid of old papers. This is also the perfect time to go through old association paperwork and decide what can go. If you’re still sitting on 20-year-old letters from tenants, it’s time to put them in the shredder!

Garage Sale

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. As the weather heats up and people start itching to refresh their decor, hold a community-wide garage sale. Not only will your residents clear out unwanted stuff, they’ll pick up a few treasures and get to know their neighbors in the process.

Community Clean-Up

It’s amazing what a few inches (or feet!) of snow can hide. If the melting snow revealed a lot of hidden trash on your property, host a community clean-up day. Provide gloves and garbage bags so everyone can pitch in to get rid of trash. Reward everyone’s hard work with a post-chore pot luck supper or association-hosted barbecue.

Get creative about other ways to help out residents and clean up common property. After all, spring is the time to knock the cobwebs from every corner of your property and your mind!

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