Socializing With Tenants

A group of renters socializing and having fun.

Sometimes it’s nice to just turn off the phone, power down the computer, and do some good old-fashioned face-to-face socializing.
And if you’re a property manager or have a property management team, why not extend that socializing to include your tenants? As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, going above and beyond for your tenants is one of the best ways of keeping them and keeping them happy.

Here are a few ideas for social functions you can use to show your tenants a good time:

Football Parties: These are great events for the fall and winter months when folks tend to be indoors more often anyway. (Other sports are good as well, but since baseball, hockey, and basketball have so many games in a season, it can get expensive. Best to save those for the playoffs.) Sundays tend to be a little more family-focused anyway, so everyone can come down and enjoy the big game.

Holiday Parties: Halloween parties are always great fun for the kids. Early Thanksgiving dinners (or even actual Thanksgiving dinners, for folks without families) can be a great way to build community ties. And Christmas celebrations are a festive time for all ages.

Movie Nights: Possibly the easiest function of all — just pick an age-appropriate crowd-pleaser, make some popcorn, and you’ve got an entertaining night in for anyone who’s a fan of the cinema.

“Picture This” Yard Sale: A fun and useful event where tenants bring pictures of items they no longer want and either sell them to or barter with other tenants. Since everyone’s on the same property, delivery of the actual items is usually a breeze!

Game Night: For a modest initial investment, you can provide your tenants with hours of fun. When it’s not game night, you can leave the games out and available to anyone who wants to play. (Just keep an eye out for lost pieces!)

With a little imagination and a reasonable budget, you can make your property the most popular joint in town.

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