Ripple Effect of Rentals Means More Demand for HOAs

A women using her computer in an office.

It’s unlikely you’d find anyone who believes that the current economy is booming, but it’s certainly improving — and has vastly improved since the real estate crash just six or seven years ago. But the interesting thing about that particular crash is that only now are certain sectors feeling the effects of it, and one of those sectors is the rental market.

When the bottom fell out of the market, millions of homeowners suddenly found themselves underwater — that is, their homes were not even worth what they owed on them. Foreclosures were rampant. Most homeowners held on as long as they could, but in the end were forced out one way or another and into the rental market, which is now enjoying the boom.

Of course, with more renters comes more responsibility, and that responsibility is being handed off in greater and greater numbers to property managers and community management companies. And this, of course, increases the demand for reliable and scalable community management software to streamline operations and make life easier for everyone.

It was tough going there at the end of the 2000s, but almost halfway through the 2010s, things certainly seem to be looking up.

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