QuickBooks Online & Pilera\’s Property Management Software Integration

QuickBooks, an Intuit company, is a leading accounting platform that is used by over 7 million customers nationwide*.  Many growing property management companies serving multifamily markets use QuickBooks to develop budgets, pay vendors, and manage company finances.  Pilera is a property management software that integrates with the QuickBooks Online version.  Multifamily businesses using QuickBooks Online can take business operations and resident engagement to the next level by syncing their account with Pilera.  In this blog article, we discuss the benefits of integrating your QuickBooks Online account with Pilera Software to seamlessly manage your properties and deliver superior customer service.

1) Eliminate manual entry

Pilera has a two-way integration with QuickBooks Online, which means that your data is consistent and accurate in both systems.  The two-way integration reduces any error that may occur during manual entry.

2) Maintain the integrity of your information

Integrating with an accounting system ensures that your accounting department stays separate from your management department.  Through QuickBooks Online, your accounting staff will manage the financial health of your multifamily business while in Pilera, your management staff will handle customer service operations.

3) Gain insight into your units

With unit and address information frequently syncing from QuickBooks Online to Pilera, managers can easily keep track and manage their units in one place.  Many other property management platforms do not provide a comprehensive unit history, but in Pilera, managers can maintain the unit’s history as tenants move in and out.  This enables property managers to quickly look-up unit information as they are helping current tenants or while they are preparing a unit for a new tenant to move in.   At any time, managers can see the unit history for:

  • Occupants, communication preferences, contact information, and account number.
  • Lease – Start and end dates, deposits, and move-in/move-out dates.
  • Vehicle – View all vehicles associated with the unit.
  • Work Orders – View currently open or all service requests.
  • Unit Logs – Keep track of important or support requests for a unit.

4) Connect with your tenants through synced contact information

With the two-way integration, resident contact information (emails and phone numbers) are synced back and forth from QuickBooks Online to Pilera.  Financial balances are also synced from QuickBooks to Pilera so that residents can easily look up their balance and make payments.

Once the resident contact information is in Pilera, managers can provide tenants with a self-service portal where they can view important property and unit information, submit service requests, and update contact information for management.  When tenants update their contact information in Pilera, it is synced over to QuickBooks Online.  This saves property managers time while ensuring that they have accurate contact information to send tenants notices.  Managers can also:

  • Send announcements and messages through the contact method (text, email, or phone) and the language tenants prefer.
  • Send documents, events, and package notifications.
  • Maintain a full history of the tenant\’s interactions with the apartment management in one place: communication, documents, activity logs, financial balances, work orders, insurance, contact information, lease information, and more.

Streamline your customer service today

Integrating your QuickBooks Online account with Pilera can streamline your customer service operations and make managing your properties easier.  Property managers can maintain the integrity of data by reducing manual errors. Additionally, once managers have accurate resident contact and unit information, they can deliver superior customer service to their prospective and current tenants with confidence.  If you would like to learn more about how Pilera’s integration with QuickBooks Online can work for your property management company today, you can get a personalized demo.

*Disclaimer: This information is from the QuickBooks company website and reflects the statistics at the time of this writing.

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