Property Management on the Road

A man sitting in a car with a mobile phone on hand - property management on the road.

If you’re a property manager who got into the business thinking that you’d have your feet up on your desk all day while you lit cigars with hundred-dollar bills, you likely had a nasty shock when you realized just how much work is involved in property management. There’s always something that needs tending to, and your days can run deep into nights in order to get everything done that you need to.

Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where the property manager can keep things running smoothly through one or two property management programs on the computer. But what’s even better is that most property management software companies now have mobile integration so you can take care of business whether you’re physically on the property or not.

But that begs the question — is the software now too invasive? Having the mobile app is great, but it does make it harder to walk away from it at some point. Everyone who works daily on a computer knows that moment where they just need to turn it off, rub their eyes, and go get some rest. But with the phone always there and always on, walking away isn’t always easy or even possible.

What do you think? Is mobile property management technology a blessing or a curse?

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