Property Management and Trust

Working Together on the HOA Board

At first blush, property management seems pretty straightforward — a team is put together to run the day-to-day operations of a property and make sure things run smoothly and by the numbers.

But when you look a little deeper, there’s a complex relationship between residents and property managers, between property managers and owners, and among the various vendors and service providers that make sure everything gets done.

It all starts with the owners, who either assemble a property management team or hire a property management company. If the owners choose honest, reliable, dependable people to fill this role, then they’ll get honesty, reliability, and dependability in return.

Then the property managers need to assemble their own teams — landscapers, snow removers, maintenance crew, and so forth. Again, if they hire quality people, then things will get done with a minimum of hassle.

What kinds of things can happen if the wrong people are put into any of these roles? There are all sorts of horror stories out there about property managers verbally abusing residents, maintenance staff stealing from tenants, vehicles being damaged during snow removal — the list goes on and on. There was even a recent story in Richmond, California, about a property management company that wasn’t performing resident background checks and rented a unit to an unregistered sex offender.

Wherever you are in the property management chain, be sure to take the time and put in the due diligence to get the best people you possibly can to fill whatever roles need to be filled. It will make life easier for everyone.

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