Planting an Idea This Summer

Planting an idea this summer; an image of sunflowers.

Summer is a great time to think about your property’s landscaping. You can plant hot weather-loving plants or begin to think about fall landscaping, like bulbs, that will beautify your property next spring. There are plenty of reasons to think about the grounds of your property. Beautiful grounds not only increase property values but help your tenants enjoy their homes, which will encourage them to renew their leases when the time comes.

Not every property manager has the funds to invest in large-scale landscaping, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t do anything at all. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to add interest to your property. A few well-placed pots of flowers will brighten up any area. This is an inexpensive and low-maintenance solution. Or if you have a large area that could use some sprucing up, a few handfuls of wildflower seeds is a nearly no-maintenance solution that will pay off in a big way.

Another thing to do with a large, unused plot of land on your property is to create a community garden. Invite residents to hop on the “eat local” trend by growing their vegetables. Doing so will not only make your property look more inviting but will foster a greater sense of community among your tenants and instill a sense of responsibility in them for helping to maintain the property.

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