Pilera Wins the 2014 Flatley Challenge

Pilera wins the 2014 Flatley Challenge Award

In case you missed the big announcement, Pilera Software won the 2014 Flatley Challenge. The Flatley Challenge is designed to assist entrepreneurs in Nashua, New Hampshire, and provides funding to up-and-coming companies, as well as a first-class workspace in the Nashua Technology Park of the Gateway Hills community of Nashua.

In addition to the workspace, the competition awards a $10,000 cash prize to be used for fit-up, connectivity or related business costs.

“We believe that Pilera has huge potential.” said John Flatley, President and Owner of the John Flatley Company.

The other 2014 Flatley Challenge winner was SMTP, a cloud-based email delivery service. Thomas Smith, vice president of leasing at Gateway Hills, said: “We believe that both winners demonstrate potential for growth and long-term success. Both firms will add considerable value to the mission of Gateway Hills and we’re excited to have them as part of our community here.”

“Pilera Software is proud to have been chosen as a winner of the 2014 Flatley Challenge by such a prestigious organization as The John Flatley Company,” said Ashish Patel, President and CEO of Pilera Software. “We truly appreciate this generous opportunity and are looking forward to being a tenant among other successful companies at Gateway Hills.”

Pilera is a best-of-class, easy-to-use, comprehensive online property management solution for apartments, condos, and associations. Pilera provides the easiest, most comprehensive data management capability available to property managers, leasing agents, boards of directors, and back-office personnel. Quickly and easily access whatever you need, whenever you need it, from wherever you need to be with office or mobile phone connectivity. You are never out of touch. Act on the document/information accessed from the office or “on-the-road” with Pilera-supported mobile capability. Contact us today!


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