Board Task Management: Streamline Community Tasks

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Note: This article was updated in March 2023 to include new strategies and features that Pilera offers for board members and managers.

As an HOA board member or community manager, you understand the importance of streamlining community tasks and achieving your goals efficiently. That\’s why we\’re thrilled to introduce Pilera\’s robust task management feature. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can collaborate seamlessly with your other board members and managers to tackle a wide range of association action items, from financial and budget preparation to vendor bids and beyond. In this blog post, we\’re thrilled to showcase the many ways that Pilera\’s Board Task Management can help you achieve your community\’s objectives with confidence and ease.

Out with the spreadsheets, in with online Board Task Management

Board members and managers often resort to using spreadsheets or notepads to monitor tasks, assignees, deadlines, and other vital details. These spreadsheets can become lengthy with various tabs or countless rows based on your community operations, making it challenging to handle over time.

With Pilera\’s task management platform, you now have an easier way of monitoring tasks, assignees, and deadlines for all of your tasks. Here\’s how:

  • Create new tasks on the go through any device, which means you can be at a board meeting creating as they are being discussed.  No details will be missed!
  • When creating a task, you can set a due date and priority which will help keep your team on track and improve accountability.  You will then be able to see which tasks are due soon for the community(ies) you oversee in one place.
  • Create custom categories and subcategories for similar types of tasks you regularly work on, so you can report on them later.

Better Communication = Better Communities

The foundation of every successful community is strong communication. When board members and managers work together toward a common community goal, a steady flow of communication is a must to build trust, improve accountability, and ensure success.  Our task management is built to inform stakeholders of tasks at every step of the way. When board members or managers assign tasks to each other, an email notification will be sent out with the relevant task details.  Board members and managers can inform each other of important updates as each task progresses. Pilera has a built-in audit log that tracks every comment or update to a task.  

Power through task creation easily with automation

One way to reduce your team\’s workload is through leveraging automation. In early 2023, Pilera released a new feature where you can power through the task creation process faster by creating tasks in bulk.

Bird’s-eye view or minute details, it’s your choice!

Board members and managers can choose how they want to view their data to help them make better-informed decisions.  The task management dashboard has powerful filtering capabilities that can fit a variety of business needs from an aerial view or one that’s drilled down to the minutest detail.  For example, you can filter the dashboard by the assignee or the task category. You can also sort your tasks by how old the task is, the priority, or the due date so you can work on what is most important.

There are multiple ways to slice and dice your data based on your needs. Let us explore a few possibilities:

  • A board member can view all high-priority open tasks related to budgeting that they’ve assigned to their dedicated manager.  They can then open each task to see the latest comments and join the conversation.
  • Managers can view their staff’s workload on a particular day.  If a staff member doesn’t have enough bandwidth, a task can be reassigned to someone else.
  • Individual staff and board members can see all their open tasks that are due today.  They can then sort the data according to priority, age of the task, or due date. 

Run on-demand reports

On a regular basis, you will need to analyze how your community is performing. The on-demand reporting feature enables you to take your data offline for further analysis or to review during board meetings.  These reports benefit board members by summarizing high-level information on how each task is progressing. Managers can benefit from these reports by being able to show all the tasks they have worked on for a community.  The on-demand reporting feature is a great way to communicate the transparency of your operations and complete tasks with confidence.

Want to learn more about Board Task Management?

From managing action items to increasing accountability and transparency, the new board task management product can help board members and managers collaborate together toward fulfilling common community responsibilities.  If you are interested in seeing a demo or learning about how you can purchase this product for your communities today, please contact [email protected].

About Pilera

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