Making the Most of Your Condo Space

A couple who just moved into their home are surrounded by boxes.

Your condo is perfect. But, by nature, condos are smaller than single-family homes and you have to make the most of the space available to you. Here are some space-saving tips that will ensure you’ll fit all of your stuff attractively and comfortably in your condo.


In the kitchen, think outside the box. Or at least, above it. The ceiling makes a great place for storage. Hang a pot rack from your ceiling to free up precious cabinet space. You can even hang a glass rack for your stemware. In a kitchen with limited space, it’s also important that no space go to waste. Look for rolling carts specifically designed to fit in that space between the fridge and the wall. Use it to store cookbooks or pantry staples.


There’s never enough space for all of the things you need to store in a bedroom. Under the bed is a logical storage solution, so make the most of it. Put your bed on risers and then you can stack two storage containers in the space. It’ll make your bed look tall and elegant and double your storage space.


Towels, toilet paper, toiletries, linens … the list of things people store in their bathroom is endless. If your bathroom is a small one, you’ll need all the help you can get. Cabinets, storage towers, and baskets will be your best friends if you have a small bathroom. They’ll allow you to stash your stuff, organize your space, and keep everything looking tidy and beautiful.

If you find the condo of your dreams but you’re not sure where you’ll put your winter clothes, your kitchen appliances, or your heavy-duty hairdryer, don’t despair. With a little creative thinking, you’ll have your stuff stashed and organized in no time.

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