Letters to the Board: How to Respond?

Letter with a signature - how to respond to letters to the board

Every homeowner\’s association receives letters from condo owners, and it’s important to have a policy in place that addresses how to deal with these letters. In some states, the law dictates how or if a board should respond to letters, but other states leave it up to the associations to form their policies.

Some experts recommend that every letter be answered just to ensure that the board is consistent. These responses can be as simple as an acknowledgment of receipt.

Other experts say that not all letters require a response. When it comes to particularly nasty letters with personal attacks from an owner upset with a board decision, a response can just add fuel to the fire. Some people believe these letters can safely be ignored to avoid escalation.

A third option is to pass some letters off to a management company. Questions about policy can be forwarded, as can letters with simple maintenance requests, like a request to remove dead tree limbs. However, letters asking for a decision on a particular issue should receive a response from a board member rather than from a management company.

There are many options when it comes to responding to letters. What’s important is that a policy is clear, fair, and consistently applied.

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