Lead Paint and Your Condo

orange colored paint; lead paint and your condo

Lead laws are different in every state, but the one thing that’s certain is that unstable sources of lead in your home are dangerous, especially to small children. Lead laws get complex when it comes to condominiums because the question of who’s responsible for deleading comes into play.

A unit owner is responsible for deleading his or her own unit and making lead disclosures if it is rented to someone else. However, the responsibility for deleading common areas, like the laundry room, storage areas or entertainment rooms, falls to the association.

This brings up a complex set of questions about law versus practice. If a child moves into a complex, will the association be willing to take on the task of deleading? And what happens if the laundry room built before 1978 is going to be renovated? Testing must be done, but by whom?

Because lead laws are complex and the issue can be fraught with emotion — especially when money and children are involved — an association should consult with an attorney when dealing with the laws.

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