Keeping Your Community Association Website Updated

Community association websites are a great idea. They’re the perfect place to post notices and reminders, provide updates on any construction or changes to the property, and so much more. These websites are a convenient and simple place for anyone in the community to go and stay abreast of whatever’s happening at any given time.

But the key to any community association website is to keep it updated. With social media at everyone’s fingertips providing up-to-the-minute breaking news, people have become accustomed to hearing about things in real time. If your website isn’t keeping up, not only will visitors become disinterested, they’ll likely never return.

Having a full-time web person on staff is the perfect solution, but that can be costly and there might not be enough updates to warrant such a position. You can keep the site fresh and updated yourself, though, and it’s not a huge drain on your time or resources.

The key is to make sure that the website itself is simple and easy to update. With so many drag-and-click website designs out there these days, there’s no excuse for having one with a confusing or cumbersome interface. You should be able to log in, make a few tweaks, and deploy.

And be sure to keep the updates top-of-mind and relevant. If there’s going to be fire alarm testing, for instance, be sure to give residents plenty of notice, and remind them as the date draws closer. If there’s a snowstorm on the way, remind residents of the parking and plowing policies, and keep them updated as the bad weather progresses.

An updated and current website will benefit everyone in the community association, and will make your life a whole lot easier.

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