Keeping in Touch with Residents Via Text Messaging

Keep in touch with your residents via text messaging

Twenty years ago, if you’d told someone that they’d someday be carrying a device in their pocket that would allow them to call people from anywhere in the world, watch TV and movies, send electronic mail, take pictures, socialize, play games, and more, it would have sounded like science fiction.

But here we are in 2015, and all of those things are true. But of all the technological advancements that our cell phones offer, one of the oldest and most basic functions has seen a surge in popularity recently: text messaging.

Many companies and services have long offered automated voice mails to inform you of an upcoming appointment, or that your prescription is ready, or that there’s a sale at Target. But having too many of these voice mails coming in all the time can get annoying, and not everyone is willing to answer an incoming call from an unknown number.

Email is also an effective way to communicate, but if your phone has multiple email accounts on it, as many do, it can be a hassle to track down important information.

That’s why texts are such an elegant solution. They tend to be short, so they’re quick and to the point, and they’re easily retrievable if you need to check a time or a date or an amount.

Property managers have jumped on the texting bandwagon to great success. It’s an easy way to let residents know if the maintenance crew is coming, if there’s a payment due, if there’s a package in the office for them, if their lease is coming up for renewal, and so much more. And when property management software is integrated with text messaging, it makes the process even easier.

As a property manager, are you using text messaging as a method of communication? If not, it’s something to consider!

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