Help Units for Sale Move Quickly

A couple holding boxes and moving out of their apartment.

Condo associations certainly don’t like having vacant units in a property. A number of vacant units can drive condo values down, which can make the property unattractive to potential buyers who fear the values won’t rebound. Luckily, there are things condo associations can do to help condos up for sale move quickly. Give sellers the following tips that will draw them in to see that gorgeous condo:

Provide potential buyers with good photos

If the front door of a condo is nothing to get excited about, take photos of the pool, the gym, or a beautiful garden. Today’s buyer looks at photos online before visiting a property, and if those photos aren’t exciting the condo could be bypassed.

Spruce up the door

Suggest to sellers that they make the front door a welcoming place. Remove clutter, like toys, signs, or wind chimes, and put a potted plant in the entryway. It isn’t a bad idea to give the door a good scrubbing, as well.

The association can also do a lot to help properties move quickly. Ask residents to keep the mailroom tidy. Place an attractive basket or recycling bin in the room to hold all those flyers and catalogs that no one wants. You can also make sure that the lobby is clean and welcoming, with fresh flowers, healthy plants, and tasteful decor. Plant a few flowers in the common areas, slap on a clean coat of paint, and make sure that outdoor lighting is attractive. That means no burned-out bulbs!

By following these tips, you can help keep vacant units at a minimum, which will make your property a better place to live for everyone.

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