Happy Thanksgiving, and Thank You All For Your Continued Support!

Thanking our customers and integration partners. Image: Pexels

Greetings all,

The team at Pilera wishes everyone a very happy, festive, and safe Thanksgiving in advance!  Thanksgiving is a universal holiday that transcends language and cultural barriers.  It brings family and friends together to celebrate the joys of life under one roof.  Thanksgiving was first celebrated by the Pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621 as a way to give thanks and share the harvest.  Almost 400 years later, it remains one of the most celebrated national holidays.  It’s the time of togetherness and giving thanks to everything we have and to all the people that are important to us and make a positive impact on our lives.  

We\’re Driven…

For us at Pilera, it’s our customer’s success in operating great communities that strives and inspires us to give our best everyday.  We\’re incredibly thankful to all of our wonderful customers and partners we work with for their continued support.  The feedback we receive from you all is paramount to us working toward a better product each day.  It gives us immense pleasure to be working with each and every one of you!

…By YOUR Inspiration

We\’re inspired by the hard work you put in to cultivate a great community.  Undoubtedly, there’s something wonderful that you can be thankful for, too!  

Here\’s what you might be thankful for:

  • Management company staff that are instrumental in ensuring that all operations run smoothly.  
  • Residents that play a big part in making the community a good place to live and being aware of their rights and responsibilities.  
  • Board members that dedicate their time as volunteers to represent homeowners, in addition to their work and familial duties.  
  • Vendors that are instrumental in maintaining and servicing the grounds and units for your residents in a timely manner.

Everyone has a big part in creating a community.  Think of a challenging obstacle they overcame recently, convey its importance to the community, and appreciate the efforts put in to make the task a success.  Also, it\’s important to appreciate the hard work you’ve put in to operate the community and communicate with everyone.

Again, we wish everyone a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the holiday! 

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