Growing Property Management Revenue

Property Manager overwhelmed with work

The work of property management staff never seems to end. Whether it’s tenants, owners, landlords, contractors, or the endless stream of daily tasks, the days can be grueling.  Knowing that the costs of property management are rising faster, property managers will need to be more efficient and bring more value to their clients.  The best way to achieve balance in the hectic world of property management is through the utilization of Pilera Software\’s suite of products.

Payment Collections:

By providing a secure online payment collection option for residents, you can reduce issues and errors in transactions, and increase resident satisfaction.  This option will provide residents with detailed transaction history of all their community payments, thus allowing residents to view their balance and leger at any time.  This whole process is done invisibly to the property manager so it’s like the task disappears!

Maintenance Requests:

Pilera Software Maintenance suite helps improve efficiency and enhance the resident experience.  Residents can log in to create, update, and review their tickets.  Residents even have the option to attach documents, photos, and other files to the ticket. As the property manager, you can assign tickets to internal staff or external vendors. By using online communications, property managers can auto-notify vendors, and even dispatch a contractor.  This will drastically reduce response time through a single hub to manage thousands of tickets across all your communities. By using the Maintenance Suite, you have streamlined the entire life cycle of your management company’s maintenance process with comprehensive tracking that saves you time!

Reduced Paperwork:

Another robust offering in Pilera Software’s lineup of products is the Resident Portal, those piles of paper in the filing cabinets are the bane of property managers everywhere. Using Pilera Software\’s Document Library found in the Resident Portal, you can eliminate the stress of mailing forms to homeowners! Property Managers can access files easily across multiple communities and increase resident satisfaction with a more secure way of electronic delivery.  With unlimited storage, secure access for residents, and two-way online communication, the Resident Portal is a tool you need to run your management business!

Streamlining your operations using the suite of Pilera Software’s products means you can manage more properties and seriously increase your revenue and profit.  Isn’t it time to bring your communities together with Pilera Software?

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