Florida Impacted by Hurricane: Pilera provided free communication

A photo of Florida on the map. Credit: Pexels

With the recent Hurricane Irma, the team members at Pilera wish for the safety and well-being of all individuals who have been affected in Florida and surrounding areas.  We are committed to helping our customers in the best way that we can.  Thus, we recently provided free phone calls and text services to our Florida customers to assist with the storm.  Hurricane Irma is the second major weather event that impacted residents in the United States this weekend after Hurricane Harvey in Texas last week with severe flooding and damage.  After causing massive damage in the Keys and southern Florida and leaving 6.5 million individuals without power, the storm reached Georgia and is now heading northwest.  Hurricane Irma was stated to be a category 4, one of the largest Atlantic-based hurricanes to hit the east coast of the United States, and encompassed 500 miles wide from Tallahassee to Miami.

The safety of staff and residents is the number one priority and communication is of utmost importance in ensuring this.  Pilera hopes to help community managers and board members in Florida communicate quickly and gain peace of mind that their messages will reach residents in a timely manner.  By providing free phone calls and text services to residents within the storm’s path, community managers will be able to send more emergency calls during and after the storm.     

Furthermore, it is essential for everyone to stay informed of the latest news pertaining to Irma:

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