eWaste Laws and Condo Residents

Computer Devices

The residents of your property likely replaced a few electronics in their homes either because of Christmas gifts or the after-Christmas sales. But New York condo association boards will have to let their residents know that a state law taking effect January 1 won’t allow them to just toss their old equipment out with the trash.

The new law states that TVs, computers, fax machines, tablets, phones, keyboards, and other electronic equipment must be discarded properly to combat the problem of hazardous waste in landfills.

Residents can easily drop off their old electronics at any Goodwill or Salvation Army, but that doesn’t make lugging a huge flat-screen on the subway to a drop-off location an easy process.

The good news is that there’s a recycling program specifically geared toward residential properties with multiple residents. This service, called the multiple-dwelling residential electronics-recycling program, will pick up electronics from residents, provided that building staff enroll in the program and coordinate pick-up dates with residents.

Several states have laws on the books banning certain electronics from the trash. If your state is one of them, look into ways to make recycling easier on your residents. It’s an excellent perk for your residents and a good resolution to make for 2015.

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