Dive into Summer Right with Clear Condo Pool Rules

A condo property that has a pool is likely very attractive to potential residents. A pool is fun, but it needs a clear and comprehensive set of rules to govern its use. Condo associations will likely run into questions they never considered — Can residents teach swimming lessons in the pool for pay? Can a non-resident babysitter take the kids swimming? — but it’s a good idea to consider many different scenarios so that there are clear and fair rules regarding use of the pool.

Pool Use Rules

Decide if the pool can only be used during certain hours. Closing the pool at 9 pm might be inconvenient for the shift worker who wants to take a quiet dip at 3 am after a long night at work, but it also will prevent noisy, all-night parties from bothering other residents. Are residents allowed to bring guests? How many? Will residents be able to rent out the pool for private functions, and how will reservations be handled? If you have a no alcohol rule for your pool, will you bend that rule for private parties?

Pool Badges

Some condo associations provide residents with badges that they must have to enter the pool area. This is a simple way to be sure that the only people using the pool are residents. Some condo associations use this as a way to encourage people to catch up on delinquent condo fees. If residents are behind, no badge!

Lifeguard on Duty

Check the laws in your state to see if you’re required to provide a lifeguard. If not, post clear signs that state no lifeguard is on duty. It’s also a good idea to require that children are accompanied by a parent if no lifeguard is there for safety reasons.

Hire a Professional

We’ve talked often about the benefit of hiring professionals to do any number of tasks, from landscaping to plumbing to snow removal. In the case of a community pool, we’re going to recommend that again. Rather than rely on a board member to maintain the chemicals and cleanliness of a pool, hire it out. It’ll make life simpler in the long run.

Now that the rules are clear, it’s time to dive in and enjoy the summer!

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