Decorations on Condos

Fall HOA decoration

Fall is right around the corner and although you might still be frolicking at the beach, your mind may be wandering to chunky sweaters, warm apple cider, and fall decor. But before you bring that fall decor outside your condo, it’s a good idea to check the homeowners association rules. No matter how tasteful your hay and Indian corn display, if it’s against the rules, it’s gotta go.

If you don’t follow your association rules, a few things could happen. First of all, nothing could happen if you association chooses not to enforce the rules. You could receive a letter asking you to take the decorations down. Or you could be fined for breaking your homeowners association rules.

If your association has a ban on outside decorations that you disagree with, there are a few things you can do. Talk to your neighbors if you’re new to the complex. The ban may be to outlaw pink flamingos, and the association could be lenient when it comes to fake fall leaves. You also could talk to the board about loosening their rules a little. Finally, check state laws. Some states have laws in place that allow wreaths or religious decorations that trump the rules of your homeowners association.

So before you display that scarecrow that’s been in the family for generations, do a little research. And if it absolutely isn’t allowed, remember that you can — for the most part — do whatever you want inside your condo.

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