Decorate for Halloween Without Scaring the HOA

Halloween in your HOA

Halloween is coming, which means doorsteps will soon be adorned with pumpkins and gourds and those plastic figures that scream when you walk by and those enormous blow-up bats … unless the HOA sets up rules far in advance. Here’s a quick guide that will help you set rules that will keep your property festive and friendly.


Consider whether you want neighbors to be able to play tapes of spooky music or put up motion sensing screaming ghouls. Maybe the rule is that they’re okay for Halloween night only, but not for the weeks leading up to it.


Some people find lights as irritating as noise, and some people like to have big light displays on Halloween. If you choose to allow light displays on your property, encourage residents to put them on timers so that the lights go off early enough that they won’t disturb anyone’s sleep or star-gazing.

Yard Art

Carefully consider what type of yard art is acceptable. Are fake spiderwebs on the bushes okay? What about gravestones or inflatable figures? Think about what size decorations are acceptable and enforce the rules.

Be Considerate

Keep in mind that people of some religions find some Halloween decorations offensive. Consider the needs of these neighbors when deciding what to allow and reject. Perhaps scarecrows and pumpkins are okay, but zombies and witches are not.

Happy Halloween!

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