Creating Community at Your Property

Building a sense of community in homeowners associations.

There’s a lot to be said for facilitating interaction between your residents. They could find in each other good business contact, a new babysitter, someone to lean on in hard times, or even a lifelong friend. Residents will indeed run into each other in the parking lot or the mailroom, but there’s a lot an HOA can do to create opportunities for residents to socialize in a relaxed environment.

Food and Fun

No one can resist free food! Host an inexpensive ice cream social and provide guests with a few flavors of ice cream and all the fixin’s. Or plan a potluck and invite residents to bring a favorite dish to share.

Out with the Old

A community-wide garage sale is a great way to help residents de-clutter and spend a little time together. Choose a date, map out a spot, and secure a few volunteers to help on the day of the sale. What could be simpler?

Community Garden

Condo living doesn’t allow for much gardening room, but if you stake out a plot of land and divide it up for residents, they’ll be able to grow a few tomatoes or favorite flowers and get to know each other in the process!

None of these ideas should be expensive to the HOA. Invitations, fliers, and maybe a few more landscaping dollars for the garden idea is all the commitment you need to make. And all of them can go a long way toward giving residents a happier place to live. Encourage everyone to get out and get to know each other!

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