COVID-19 Preparedness & Our Commitment to You

Greetings, this is Ashish Patel, the CEO and President of Pilera Software, LLC. 

We understand it is of utmost importance to our clients to effectively and reliably communicate with their board members and residents.  As concerns of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) continually increase in the United States and working arrangements change, we wanted to inform our customers how we plan to support their ability to work with their communities.  We are committed to ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of our platform and customer support services to you. Here\’s how we are ready for the situation:

Amazon Web Services

Pilera’s software platform is built on the Amazon Web Services, which has fault prevention built into it.  This allows us to move our app to safer areas if the need arises. Also, because our software is cloud-based and self-sufficient, our managers, board members, and residents can access it on any device, location, browser, and at any time of the day.  A client, Cynthia, the President of Stratford Towers, encountered an emergency during Hurricane Irma. She stated, “During Hurricane Irma, I was especially grateful to be able to reach all of the owners after evacuating the building… Thank you Pilera for making a terrible hurricane experience a little bit easier for all of us and giving us all a lot more peace of mind… We were able to handle all building needs easily remotely.”

Ability to work remotely

Our office is located in Nashua, New Hampshire, which is far away from the more dense cities.  Thus, our risk of COVID-19 exposure is low. However, if required, Pilera’s staff members are equipped with the tools and resources they need to work remotely to maintain our operations.  Just like our customers, we also utilize cloud-based software so that we can access our daily work from many devices. Some of the technology tools we utilize as a part of our daily operations and will continue to use include:

  • Internal communication & video conferencing – Pilera’s staff members are in constant communication through direct messaging and video software with one another to ensure seamless daily operations.
  • Help desk software – We are using reliable support software to stay on top of support issues our customers send us.  Our customers can visit our help site at to retrieve information on using our functionality at any time.
  • External communication software – We use a variety of tools such as email and VOIP-based phone systems to ensure effective communication with our clients. 

Employee Health & Safety

If an employee has traveled to any region where the widespread transmission of COVID-19 is current as specified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), they will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to coming back to the Pilera office.

At Pilera, we understand with the concerns of COVID-19 that business continuity is critical for any community/property management company.  We are continually monitoring the situation and are committed to delivering exceptional and uninterrupted service to our clients. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].  We wish for everyone’s safety and good health in this difficult time. 

Best Regards,

Ashish Patel
CEO & President
Pilera Software, LLC

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