Condos Associations and the Challenges of Meetings

Group meeting.

One of the biggest challenges for condo associations is getting all of the owners together for regular meetings. When you have a good sized condo complex filled with people from all walks of life with all sorts of different work schedules and commitments, choosing a day and time becomes an almost arbitrary exercise — you just pick one and hope for the best turnout you can get.

But regular condo meetings are vital. They’re an opportunity to talk about what’s happening in the community, any upcoming repairs or expenditures, and a chance to review the association’s financials. When attendance really matters, though, is at the annual condo association meeting.

Generally, the annual meeting is when the real business is taken care of. Substantial changes to condo docs, election of officers, and any other significant changes are discussed and voted on. Because it’s so important, most annual meetings require a quorum. A quorum is a specified number or percentage of owners who need to be present to, as it’s phrased, “conduct business.” If a quorum isn’t present, then no business can be conducted, and the condo association remains unchanged.

While many condo owners groan at the notion of attending a meeting, especially a less-than-convenient one, meetings are an important part of condo life, and should be treated that way.

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