Condo Inspecting Inside the Paint

condo paint

If you’re considering becoming a condo owner, you should become familiar with the phrase “everything inside the paint is mine.” This refers to the division of ownership — and therefore the responsibility — within the condo complex. If something needs repairing or updating inside the condo, it’s going to be your responsibility. If it’s outside your condo, it will be the HOA’s responsibility.

So what about having a home inspection done on the condo you’re intending to purchase? Is it really worth the money if most of the plumbing, wiring, roofing, and so forth are the HOA’s responsibility?

As it turns out, yes, and for two reasons. First, you’re going to have more in your condo than you realize, including things like the dishwasher, the garbage disposal, the light fixtures, and other items that will be considered part of your unit and therefore your responsibility. Second, if you have a home inspection done and the inspector finds issues with things “outside the paint,” those problems can be brought to the HOA’s attention and dealt with before they become more serious issues.

Those reasons aside, the most compelling factor for having a home inspection on your condo, regardless of how little square footage you actually own, is peace of mind. The more you know about what you’re buying, the more informed your decision will be when it comes time to make an offer.

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