Communicating Guidelines to New Tenants

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Note: This article was updated in December 2022 to provide our readers with new information and helpful tips.

Summer is nearly upon us, and many property managers experience tenant turnover in the summer related to college schedules. Some of the people moving in might even be renting an apartment for the first time. To ensure a good relationship with your new tenants, it’s a good idea to set expectations right away.

When your tenant moves in or signs the lease, let them know what types of repairs they’re responsible for and what type of repairs you want to fix. For example, you might be fine with your tenant changing a lightbulb, but would prefer they don’t fix a clogged sink. You should also walk through the apartment with them and make sure they know how everything in the apartment works. Show them the stove, microwave, dishwasher, and thermostat.

When it comes to your apartment\’s leasing policy, be clear from day one. Let them know when rent is due, when you consider it late, and when you take action as a result of non-payment. This will help you avoid confusion later.

Although personal relationships and conversations about these things are important, some property managers find it helpful to give tenants a handbook. This handy manual will tell renters what to do if their sink is backing up in the middle of the night.

Having clear policies that are clearly communicated is the key to good relationships with your tenants.  But how can you communicate these policies with your tenants effectively?  That\’s where an apartment communication tool comes in handy. 

Effective tenant communication

Property management software enables you to communicate important information with your tenants so they are aware of general notices or policies. Here\’s how:

  • Communications – Keep your tenants informed about the communication preference and language of their choice so nothing is lost in translation. With property management software, you can send automated phone, email, and text messages to your tenants. If required, you can also attach files along with your email announcements to tenants.
  • Document Library – This serves as a central repository for all important files that you need to share with your tenants. Tenants can access documents through a secure portal and must log in before they can access the document.
  • Knowledge – A FAQ center for tenants is a great way to provide useful information and know-how to your tenants. Pilera\’s knowledge base contains a powerful search that makes it easy for your tenants to find what they need, even when the office is closed.
  • Contact Support – Encourage open communication with your tenants and make it easy for them to contact you with any questions. With Pilera\’s customer support management feature, your tenants can submit support requests and you can assign them to staff to review and respond. Furthermore, your tenants can log in and keep track of their requests as they progress.

To learn more about the importance of tenant communication and best practices, read our blog post.

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