Balloons, Banners, and Bunting: Is It Worth It?

As a property manager, you’re always looking for new ways to attract potential tenants. These days, you can add up-to-the-minute deals and specials to your property’s website, but those depend on folks actually visiting your website. And with all of the web traffic out there, it’s hard to maneuver your way to the top.

So most property managers rely on the tried-and-true methods of using signs, balloons, and colorful banners to attract the attention of walkers- and drivers-by. But does all of that actually work?

Some property managers swear by it and believe that if every other property has balloons, then balloons on your property are a must as well. To not use anything would be the equivalent of a motel having a NO VACANCY sign lit when there are plenty of empty rooms.

So then if everyone is employing the same methods, how do you make your property stand out? Well, one way is to think about balloon colors. Most companies choose balloons that mirror the company colors, but consider this:

  • BLUE slows the heart rate and reduces blood pressure.
  • RED increases blood pressure and motor-skills activities.
  • YELLOW increases cardiopulmonary activity and is considered very exciting
  • GREEN is a well balanced color, good for contemplation and a restful state.
  • PURPLE speaks to the intellect and is considered a very cerebral color, good for inner thought.

So perhaps choosing a balloon color based on these notions might have a different effect.

Also, signs and banners that simply state availability or special deals tend to blend into the background and rarely get noticed. In this day and age, cleverness and wit are much more likely to elicit a response, so keep that in mind as you’re having your signs made.

And finally, decorations that both welcome new visitors and tie in with a major holiday, say Halloween or Christmas, tell the world that not only are you a property with vacancies, but that you’re also fun!

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