4 Ways to Streamline Board Member Tasks & Operations with Pilera

Board member productivity

As a board member, managing a community has its own unique set of challenges.  However, it’s also a rewarding experience as you dedicate the time and energy to run the community and make decisions that benefit residents and increase harmony.  Given your limited time, finding ways to efficiently achieve your community’s goals is important.  Whether you are self-managing your community or are working with a management company, this blog article will offer some valuable tips in Pilera to help you boost efficiency. 

1) Manage tasks and collaborate with managers

Your responsibilities are diverse and encompass a range of tasks. These include overseeing community maintenance, hiring vendors, managing approvals, analyzing the budget, and more to ultimately enhance the resident experience. It\’s important to foster a close collaboration with fellow board members and managers. By seeking their expertise on important community matters, you can ensure that decisions are made with care.

Pilera’s task management feature opens up a collaborative workspace for you, other board members, and managers to work together on community tasks and issues.  Here are some ways Pilera can help you stay organized: 

  • Regularly check your board member dashboard to see a live snapshot of your assigned tasks.  
  • Create tasks directly from the dashboard to track important issues you or your manager need to work on.  
  • Assign tasks to yourself, another board member, or a manager to follow up with appropriate priorities and due dates.
  • Update the status of your tasks and communicate with other board members and managers through the in-app comments feature.  
  • Use the bulk edit and duplication features to speed up your work.   

2) Streamline approvals for Architectural Control Requests and Requests for Proposals 

Keeping up with the constant stream of architectural control request submissions and vendor RFPs can often be challenging.  Pilera helps you prioritize all your requests, manage the approval process, and communicate with managers.  That way, you can move projects or requests along more efficiently.  Here are some ways Pilera helps you streamline approvals: 

  • You can set up ACR committees consisting of board members and residents to approve or decline ACR requests.  
  • Accept or reject an architectural control request or request for proposal and notify the appropriate person.  
  • If a resident ACR or a vendor RFP requires more information, you can send an email notification with your comments to them.  

3) Get real-time insights into ongoing and completed projects

When you manage a large number of tasks, it can be overwhelming to identify which tasks have been completed, are in progress, or are stuck. That\’s why you need real-time insight into the operations of your community to identify which tasks are on track or are falling behind.

Whether you self-manage or work with a management company, you can easily gain important insight through Pilera.  Here are some ways you can gather important community insights from Pilera: 

  • Each ticket type has a filterable dashboard, whether a work order, ACR, RFP, or resident support ticket.  The filterable dashboard lets you see where tasks are currently at.  You can filter tickets by status, assignee, date range, etc.      
  • Using the dashboard filters, the charts give quick snapshots into ticket volume, pattern problems, and workload assigned to each staff or board member.  
  • Access professional reports when you need them or during board meetings.  For example, the Community Meeting Report for work orders shows you all the maintenance work based on your selected filters.    
  • See a history of all communications you or managers sent to residents.  You can filter messages by type and year to find a particular message through the message center. 

4) Document sharing and organization

Community associations often struggle to find the best way to organize, share, update, and retain important documents.  HOA board members need to ensure that community documents, such as governing documents, bylaws, rules and regulations, financial records, meeting minutes, and contracts, are well-organized and easily accessible.  Managing and updating documents over time can be challenging, especially as you have more documents.  Some local or federal regulations also have stringent requirements for maintaining and retaining documents.  Here are some ways Pilera can help you manage documents more efficiently:

  • Managers and board members can restrict access to documents by role.
  • Organize documents by creating multiple sub-folders so it’s more easily searchable for residents.  
  • Upload an unlimited number of documents into Pilera.  
  • Share access to documents through a secure link.  


Pilera helps make your job as a board member easier by gaining visibility into your operations and improving collaboration with other board members and managers.  With Pilera, you can manage your tasks, oversee community projects and trends, streamline approvals, share documents, and more.  To learn more about any of these features, contact [email protected].

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