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Board Task Management: Streamline Meetings & Community Tasks

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just released a brand new product to Pilera’s community management suite – board and staff task management for HOA communities!  This new feature will allow board members and managers/staff to collaborate from start to finish on a variety of association action items from financial and budget preparation to vendor bids, and a lot more!  In this blog post, we’re excited to share how Board Task Management can help you work better to fulfill community responsibilities.

Out with the spreadsheets, in with online Board Task Management

Many board members and managers use spreadsheets to keep track of all the tasks they create, who they assign it to, due dates, and detailed notes.  Spreadsheets then become lengthy with multiple tabs or hundreds of rows. Maintaining these spreadsheets over time becomes an overwhelming effort for managers, who manage multiple communities.  Imagine multiplying the number of spreadsheets each community maintains by 20, 50, 100, or more! With a central location to manage tasks online in Pilera, tracking becomes a lot simpler. Here’s how:

  • Managers and board members can add tasks on the go through any device, which means they can be at a board meeting creating tasks online as they are being discussed.  No details will be missed!
  • When creating a task, managers and board members can set a due date and priority which will help keep them on track and improve accountability.  Managers will then be able to see which tasks are due soon for all the communities they oversee in one place.
  • Managers can develop custom categories and subcategories to align with each community’s needs.

Better communication = Better Communities

Every well-run community is built on strong communication.  When board members and managers work together toward a common community goal, a steady flow of communication is a must to build trust, improve accountability, and ensure success.  Our task management is built to inform stakeholders of tasks at every step of the way. When board members or managers assign tasks to other fellow board members or managers, the latter will receive an email notification with relevant task details.  Board members and managers can inform each other of important updates as each task progresses, and Pilera tracks every touch to the task.  

Bird’s-eye view or minute details, it’s your choice!

Managers and board members can choose how they want to view their data to help them make better-informed decisions.  The task management dashboard has powerful filtering capabilities that can fit a variety of business needs from an aerial view or one that’s drilled down to the minutest detail.  There are multiple ways for slicing and dicing the data – here, we explore a few possibilities:

  • Managers can view their staff’s workload on a particular day.  If a staff member doesn’t have enough bandwidth, a task can be re-assigned to someone else.
  • A board member can view all high-priority open tasks related to budgeting that they’ve assigned to their dedicated manager.  They can then open each task to see the latest comments and join the conversation.
  • Individual staff members can see all open tasks that are due today.  They can then sort the data according to priority, and start getting to work. 

Gain a competitive advantage with reports

On-demand reporting from the dashboard results allows managers to take their data offline for further analysis or to display at board meetings.  Managers are often required to show all the tasks they have worked on for a community to negotiate renewal fees, and this report can help consolidate that information.  On-demand reporting to capture different business needs brings more transparency into operations as well as provide management with a competitive advantage in onboarding new communities.

Want to learn more about Board Task Management?

From managing action items to increasing accountability and transparency, the new board task management product can help board members and managers collaborate together toward fulfilling common community responsibilities.  If you are interested in seeing a demo or learning about how you can purchase this product for your communities today, please contact [email protected].

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