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Why Should Managers Track Interactions with Residents? 5 Essential Reasons

Providing quality customer service should be at the cornerstone of every community’s operations.  Exceptional customer service builds trust with residents, reduces problems in the future, and assists internal management with feedback and improvements. Tracking all management-resident interactions is essential to delivering excellent customer service and improving relations in the long-term.  Take a look at five reasons why it’s important to track interactions with residents and how implementing modern technology can propel employees in the right direction.Be there when it counts

Residents have an expectation that the issues they report will be looked into and resolved by management in a timely manner.  How well these issues are answered reflects heavily on management.  Keeping an organized record of interactions with residents can better help employees to stay on top of follow-ups, establish accountability internally, and foster improved relations with residents.

Empower internal management

Employees and managers will be informed of resident-reported issues, questions, and resolutions provided to them.  If a resident calls after hours or after shift changes, the employee on duty will be better equipped to answer the resident’s concerns.  

The team can also build upon the knowledge they gain as they solve problems.  Additionally, if an employee were to leave the company or if a board member leaves the association, knowledge still stays in the organization.

Manage Priorities

Setting priority levels for each interaction and required response helps maintain focus.  Employees can better judge the amount of time that needs to be allocated for each response, while they are working on other long-term projects.  At times, an employee may also have a plethora of high-priority projects on their plate. In that case, managers will be positioned to delegate tasks better based on what the employee is working on and how much time it will take to resolve the issue.

Analyze customer service efforts

As management, it’s important to know how the team is performing and how effective are the operations.  If the team has maintained the activity logs well, regular analysis can be performed. Analyze the following:

  • What kind of success are you seeing with your customer service efforts?
  • Are residents satisfied with the response they receive?
  • How long did it take for their issues to be resolved?
  • Doese a specific type of interaction, such as email versus website inquiry, take longer to resolve? Are you getting too many inquiries from a specific source?
  • Did any issue fall through the cracks and how?

Improve operations

Tracking interactions can help identify patterns that may translate into better-informed decisions and processes that are cost-efficient for your community, more productive for your employees, and simpler for residents to be informed.  For example, if plenty of your residents are complaining about how long it takes to receive a response on their maintenance requests, then you’re in a better position to reevaluate the process and streamline it to generate better results the next time.  Residents appreciate knowing that their opinions are valued, taken seriously, and acted upon.

Technology as an Enabler

While many love to use sticky notes, they can easily be lost or forgotten about.  The digital landscape provides many options that can help expedite the tracking and response process, as well as provide excellent customer service your residents deserve.  Look for mobility, ease of use, flexibility, and workflow assignment capabilities in your software.  It’s important to be able to do the following:

  • Add interactions with details from a variety of sources (email, phone, face to face, website, and others).
  • Assign to a staff member for follow-up.
  • Set priority level.
  • Collaborate with other team members.
  • Gain insights across the community or portfolio.
  • Download reports at any time for offline use such as to show and tell at meetings.

A repository of all interactions with residents can be invaluable to your team and helps ensure timely responses to residents.  Feedback given by residents or issues that they report provides important insights into what management is doing well and what they can further improve upon.  Residents are happier when their questions are answered and issues are resolved.  Likewise, employees can further build upon their knowledge of community issues and resolutions and will be proud of the excellent customer service they deliver as a team.

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