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Professional Association Services, Inc. Delivers Superior Customer Service With Pilera
Pilera Case Study
How a 225-unit condo association modernized their communication policy.
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Interview with Imagineers: Managing the Emergency & Rebuilding Process at Stonewood Condominiums

Management Companies

“Knowing I can look at messages for all the buildings while talking to an owner is great. Ideally, I have all the information to assist them right away.

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Meg Ticknor
Sopra Communities
Maryland customer since 2019.

“The discussion board allows us to effectively communicate with our residents, without having to spend lots of time on the phone with them, which equates to being able to speak to more prospects.”

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Kevin Bardales
Kay Management
Maryland customer since 2019

“We are able to provide more one on one customer service to prospects and residents since we are spending less time having to get letters ready to communicate with residents.”

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Eve Castillo
Kay Management
Texas customer since 2018

“The accounting brains here at Allied are pleased with your sync report and I just wanted to repeat our team’s appreciation for your quick response and resolve of our concerns. You provided top-notch customer service!

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Sherry Grubbs
Administrative Assistant – Allied HOA Management

Residents are utilizing the site and instead of calling the office for items, they’re checking the site first”.

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Kari Papadinis
Thayer Associates
California customer since 2019

“Pilera’s support has been exceptional. Having us migrate from one platform to the other without that support, we would not have looked as good as we did. It gives our company a finished polish. Your ability to support a client is a strong point in why clients retain you.”
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Carlos Molina
Professional Association Services, Inc.
Georgia Customer Since 2019

“I must say I absolutely love the constant innovations and upgrades to Pilera!! It’s the little details that help us so much. The reports have been and game changer with the beauty ease of viewing.”

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Charles Bruce
Owner – Sage PMI
Wisconsin customer since 2017

“I don’t know how I did this job the last 10 years without Pilera! For the work orders, you can assign them directly to the unit or to the common property. When it is assigned to a unit, the owner (if you have an email for them) also receives a confirmation of the work order so they know it is being addressed. The Board members also receive a copy so they know you are working on something. In addition, the vendor you assign the work order to receives a full “Ticket Sheet” with the owner’s information, the property address, your management company information with a full description of the work. You can also attach a photo or PDF to the work order if you have additional information to provide. I really like this feature as the documents attach forever so I have been at Board meetings where they about a specific item being completed and I can quickly pull up a photo and the work order for what was done.”

“I’ve had a few resignations and am using Pilera more over the last few weeks. I just wanted to send a memo that I LOVE the attaching items to emails features. Some boards struggle to login and actually use Pilera so being able to attach the items so they have no reason not to review them is AMAZING! Kudos! 🙂 ”

“I think our annual meeting attendance and/or return of proxies has been higher with Pilera communications as we use the follow-up reminders very regularly.”

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Kirsten Capps
ARM, CMCA, CPM, Director of Operations – Forest Green Realty
Maine customer since 2015

“Pilera has made communication with our clients simple. Time is a commodity that I don’t care to waste. The time/money that is saved through this product pays great dividends. Whether at the office, from the road, or from home I can get a message out to as many of my clients as I need to with a couple clicks of some buttons.”

“We’ve taken on a number of properties that complained that their previous management company handled communication poorly. They have all been very impressed by how well we are able to communicate with Pilera.

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Bob Keegan
CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Vice President & Managing Partner – Dirigo Management Company

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Karl Kuegler
Director of Community Association Services – Imagineers LLC.
T-Square Logo
Washington customer since 2014

“With the emails feeding from VMS, we are able to send late notices, water shut offs, asphalt paving, traffic flow notices, monthly assessment reminders, and general information with a check of a box. This is a faster more efficient use of our time than emailing, and we can track who has received and read the notice. Homeowners are viewing their ledgers for payments, late fees, and fines and using the “make a payment” button to bring their accounts current.”

“The continued updates and additions to the system over the years have been a pleasure to be a part of.”

We definitely use this [Pilera] as a selling tool.  We feel potential clients are impressed with the system and transparency.”

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Theresa Beers
Vice President of Community Associations – T-Square Properties
W&K Property Management Logo
Connecticut customer since 2019

After a year of working with Pilera, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to leave our previous platform. Pilera is extremely user friendly and with the proper training and education you will see the increase of productivity both internally and with clients. The Pilera support team been exceptional since day one. We love that Pilera is constantly working to improve the software and on numerous occasions have built in modules to increase workflow based on suggestions from their clients.

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Sarah White
Property Manager
Hillcress Logo
Illinois customer since 2017

“Pilera has been beneficial for us internally and externally. Additionally, the accountability that Pilera offers is extremely useful when it comes to giving Boards information regarding what we have done vs what a Resident might say. Lastly, the user-friendly capability that the entire system ensues…We made this change for our Company after deciding which route to take because this is the best option to better serve our clients and staff in a positive way.”

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Lindsay Diaferia Picture
Lindsay Diafeira
Director of Client Care & Licensed Property Manager – Hillcrest Property Management

Single Associations & Board Members

Maryland customer since 2019