New PileraVotes Improvements & SSO Login for VMS

PileraVotes Improvements

New Features

Single Sign On (SSO) Login for VMS 

We have added a new feature that allows managers to access their VMS accounts directly from within Pilera, making the workflow smoother. Through our new Single Sign On capability (SSO), you can easily log into your VMS account from Pilera and access crucial links such as account details, calendars, architectural requests, vouchers, and compliance.


Quick Add Comments

Architectural Change Requests (ACRs), Violations, Support, and Task tickets now have the added convenience of Quick Add Comments. These pre-determined responses are available on the fly, making communication with your staff and residents not just easier but also more consistent.

ACR Add Comments

PileraVotes User Experience Improvements

In November 2023, we introduced PileraVotes, a new secure and accessible voting platform.  This month, we’ve added several enhancements to improve our clients\’ voting experience.  

  • PileraVotes allows you to include multiple questions in one ballot, allowing residents to vote on several important issues within a single submission. On the ballot results page, you’ll find visual charts for each question, providing instant insights into the voting outcomes.
  • The new “Redacted Report”  provides voting or election outcomes without disclosing owner names and units. This new report safeguards owner privacy and improves compliance for communities that require redacted reporting. Furthermore, for condo communities that require ownership percentages in their voting methods, we’ve now introduced a new report titled “Redacted Report with Percentage of Ownership”.
  • The voting “Export” has been changed to “Detailed Export” for better clarity.  
  • We’ve changed the name of “Unit weights” to “Percentage of Ownership” to reflect the term our clients use the most.
Community Ballot Results

About Pilera

Pilera Software is the premier community and property management software that has helped thousands of community managers enhance communications, operations, client support, engagement, and voting.  Book a personalized demo to learn how Pilera can help improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

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