Swimming Pools and the HOA

HOA swimming pools

Swimming pools and the HOA. As the summer heats up, there’s nothing better than having easy access to a swimming pool. And not only does it keep you cool in the summer sun, having one on a condo building’s property can increase property values, attract potential buyers, and bring members of the community together to socialize. But with a pool comes great responsibility — much of which falls on the HOA’s shoulders. Before your HOA installs a pool or opens an existing pool for the summer, consider a few things.


Pools require permits and the HOA or property management company must be sure that those permits are up to date. It’s also the HOA’s responsibility to either perform daily maintenance or contract with a company to clean the pool and adjust chemicals. Lifeguards must also be hired and trained if you choose to have them available.

Setting Rules

It’s important to have clear and clearly posted rules for your pool. Some HOAs write their own and others adopt them from town pools. Some rules to consider include requiring sign-in, forbidding glass containers, and requiring adult supervision for kids under a certain age.


Pools come with risk and must be properly insured. When purchasing a liability policy, your insurance company will ask a lot of questions about your pool — whether it’s fenced, its posted hours, and whether there’s a lifeguard, among others. Your answers will help the insurance company ensure you’re properly covered. Some HOAs choose to have an umbrella policy for extra peace of mind.
Pools can be a challenge to maintain and manage, and they do come with a lot of added expenses, but many HOAs that have them say they’re well worth the added work. And there’s nothing like diving into a cool pool at the end of a long, hot day.

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