Dealing with Tenant Issues

Dealing with tenant issues.

As a property manager, your dream scenario is a full building with residents who pay their rent on time, abide by the law, respect their neighbors, and take care of the property. But even if you carefully screen every candidate before allowing them to sign a lease, problems can still arise. Below are some common tenant problems and simple ways to deal with them.

Non-payment or late payment of rent
If tenants are consistently paying you late or giving you bounced checks, you can end up with a serious cash flow problem. In some cases, even one late payment can put you in a difficult position in tough times. The way to combat this problem is to have a strict screening process in place, a strong lease, and good communication with tenants so that you’ll know if they’re experiencing financial difficulties. Some property managers also offer rewards to tenants who pay on time consistently for a set period of time.

Illegal activities
If illegal activities are going on in your residence, not only can the value of your property go down, but the safety of other tenants can be put at risk. If you know illegal activities are occurring on your property, act immediately by calling the authorities.

Unauthorized roommates
Occasionally, a tenant may bring in a long-term guest who is not on the lease. This is a problem for property managers because that person is not bound to the lease agreement like the legal tenant is. Keep an eye out for unfamiliar vehicles and people so that you can stay on top of situations like these.

Poor upkeep
It is a general rule that people take better care of properties that they own than that they rent. However, you can still encourage tenants to keep your property beautiful by setting a good example. Most tenants will be reluctant to leave a rusty bicycle near a beautifully manicured garden.

Noise problems
Noisy tenants can create problems for other people in your property and for people living in nearby properties. Have a clause about proper noise levels in your leases and discuss the problem with your tenants if they violate that clause. If the problem continues, don’t be afraid to call in the authorities.

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