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4 Reasons You’re Not Succeeding as a Community Manager

A community association manager juggles many responsibilities that work toward the common goal of operating a community that is compliant and enhances resident’s property values.  However, many managers fall short of fulfilling this goal.  This may be due to lack of communication with residents, ineffective processes, resistance to change, or job stress. In this blog […]

7 Tools in Pilera to Create an Efficient & Rewarding Customer Support Process

As a support manager or staff member, you wear many hats in ensuring smooth operation in the communities you manage. You’re triaging new resident requests among your support staff, assisting residents, creating help documentation for residents and your internal staff and presenting all the work completed to the board.  Therefore, your major goal is to […]

Streamlining HOA & Condo Maintenance Projects through Pilera’s Maintenance Tools

Tracking the progress of maintenance projects and service requests across the entire portfolio continue to be one of the biggest operational challenges for HOA and condominium managers.  Thus it’s essential that the technology solution gives managers the flexibility and customization they need to adapt to varying situations and project requirements. At Pilera, our focus is […]

2018 Pilera Annual Report

2018 was a great year for Pilera, as our development team was hard at work creating many new features and enhancing all of our existing community management software functionality.  We’d also like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to our wonderful customers, who continue to support and give us valuable feedback!  At Pilera, […]

New in Pilera: January 22, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings, We hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year!  We’re elated to bring you new features to our community management software, which includes a new portfolio report, exporting capabilities for the community directory, and several enhancements. New Features: Master Report A new feature we’ve added that enhances our portfolio-level management capabilities is […]

New in Pilera: December 18, 2018 Release Notes

Greetings, We wish you a Happy Holidays! This has been a great year for us at Pilera as we’ve brought many new features and enhancements to our clients.  Many features that we’ve developed this year have been requested by our clients and we want to thank them all for their continued support and feedback!  We’ve made […]

3 Design Tips to Enhance User Experience for Your Community or Company Website

A website is an incredibly important asset to community management, helping to make operations smoother and bring the community together.  As a leading community management solution, Pilera continues to strive toward enhancing our tools for managers. A product that we’ve made major enhancements to just recently is the community and company websites.  These websites are […]