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How to Win New Business in a Competitive Property Management Industry

The property management landscape is becoming more competitive with new players entering an already saturated market and companies struggling to gain new business.  To maintain a sustainable business model and generate revenue, it’s important for management companies to focus on finding fresh new leads that are in need of the service you provide.  In this […]

3 Ways to Implement Custom Categories

Every community has unique needs that are defined by the way it operates, governing documents, association rules, landscape, the type of resident requests that come in, and other factors.  Managers who oversee a portfolio of residential communities are tasked with handling a large volume of information and requests, that differ from one community to another. […]

New Board Task Management – Collaborating on Community Responsibilities Made Easy!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just released a brand new product to the Pilera’s community management suite – board and staff task management for HOA communities!  This new feature will allow board members and managers/staff to collaborate from start to end on a variety of association action items from financial and budget preparation to […]

New in Pilera: September 17, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings, We’re back this month with 2 big new features and several enhancements that we’re thrilled to share with you!  First up is our new Board & Task Management feature, which will help boards and managers collaborate on responsibilities to build better communities.  Next, we have new roles that will give managers more granularity in […]

New in Pilera: August 6, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings, This month we are back with some enhancements to our community and property management platform within activity logs, custom categories, document library, and more.  Let’s dive in! Enhancements: 1) Custom categories In the July 16th release, we introduced a new feature where managers can create their own custom categories for tickets.  Managers can now […]

4 Tips to Leverage Unit Document Management in Pilera

In July 2019, we released brand new functionality where managers can upload documents to a unit or specific resident account.  This gives managers the ability to store documents for internal use or to share them with residents, and in turn, have residents share documents with management.  In this month’s edition of the Manager Toolkit series […]

New in Pilera: July 16, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings, We’ve been busy developing some cool features, one of which many of our clients asked for  – new custom categories for tickets. Also, we’re releasing unit-level documents where managers and residents can attach documents to a unit, new accounting integration, and the ability for residents to easily switch between multiple units they reside/own.  Without […]

Turning Resident On-boarding into a Success in Pilera

Nurturing relationships is crucial to managing your HOA, condo, and apartment communities and the onboarding process is the first step to successful community relationships.  Implementing a seamless onboarding experience for residents helps managers to continue building those relationships with them in a positive way, improves resident satisfaction, and increases retention.  In this month’s Manager Toolkit […]