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New in Pilera: June 4, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings! We hope that you are enjoying using Pilera more seamlessly on any device, after our mobile-responsive web portals released last month!  This month, we’re back with another update where we have implemented some small, yet useful enhancements to the document library and community website.  The document library updates will give you more control over […]

New in Pilera: May 7, 2019

Greetings! We are very thrilled to share our updates this month as it encompasses some of the most special projects our product development team has been working very hard on.  In this release, we’re introducing a completely new look to our software which is fully mobile-responsive! Without further ado, let’s glide through these new updates. […]

New in Pilera: April 9, 2019 Release Notes

Greetings, In the newest release, we focus on a new feature that will enhance the organization of resident accounts and enhancements to our maintenance product.   New Feature Account Filtering We’ve just introduced a big change in resident accounts in Pilera that will allow us to improve the organization and privacy between previous and future […]

8 Ways to Increase Resident Participation through Pilera

Resident engagement is crucial to any HOA, condo or apartment’s management operations. In a recent poll we conducted, residents stated how easy it is to get information online and liked that they could get useful information about their community, but wish their managers would update information more regularly. The more informed a resident is, the […]

Ask These 5 Questions Before Choosing Maintenance Software

Streamlining maintenance is one of the most critical activities in community and residential management.  Community and property managers aim to increase the public appeal of the community and ensure the safety of its staff and residents.  The right technology can help managers to not only achieve but optimize those goals. As you research maintenance software […]

5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Community Documents Digital

Managers overseeing daily responsibilities in a community or property management company handle countless documents.  They do so to keep track of information, streamline operations, and engage with residents. While adoption to online document management systems has been gradual in the residential/rental management industry, more management companies are embracing it as an essential way to streamline […]

6 Must-Have Folders for Your Document Library

The best way to engage your clients and residents is to inform them.  There are many ways to engage your clients within Pilera through communications, events, help center, document library, and more.  In this month’s manager toolkit, we put the spotlight on document library management in your apartment, condo or HOA management company. We’ll specifically […]

4 Must-Do’s for Powering Your Client Services Team

The client service team is at the heart of your HOA or Condo management company’s operations.  They are busy at work carrying out the many responsibilities designated to them by community associations and delivering the promised services to help run communities well.  For the client services team’s efforts to be cohesive, they need to be […]