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July 20, 2021 Release Notes: Customer Support Management and Resident Access for Violations & Unit Activity Logs!

Greetings! This month, we’re rolling out new features to help you improve your client service operations. Through these new features, you’ll be able to improve two-way communication with your residents and increase transparency with them. We’re talking about a new customer support tool and new resident-facing features! Read along! New Feature Important note: All new […]

How Professional Association Services, Inc. (PAS) Builds Better Communities with Pilera

For any successful community management company, increasing growth and delivering good customer service is a challenging balancing act. Fremont, California-based management startup, Professional Association Services, Inc. (PAS) focuses on building stronger client relationships to propel even more growth. In this blog article, you’ll learn how PAS improved its customer service operations and grew with Pilera’s […]

Half-Year Feature Roundup 2021: Communications, Organizing Your Work, Reports & More!

Greetings!  We’re back with a half-year roundup post to recap the new features we released in Pilera’s community management software.  So far this year, we’ve released 50+ features, enhancements, and fixes that help our clients take their communications to the next level, better plan their workday, enhance reporting, and much more.  While we can’t review […]

June 29, 2021 Release Notes: Send Emergency Notifications via Text & New Unit Report

In our newest release, you’ll learn about several new quality of life communication enhancements to help you improve message accuracy. New Features Send emergency messages via Text/SMS The Reverse 911 feature in Pilera enables managers to send emergency messages to their residents with contact methods automatically defaulting to phone calls and emails.  Now, managers can […]

Pilera’s HOA Communication Tool vs Generic Communication Tools: Which one’s right for you?

Improving outreach to your community residents has been a constant goal and now, you’ve made a decision to use a communication tool to automate the process. Keeping in touch with your residents means sending regular community updates and oftentimes, time-sensitive information. A reliable solution to send your messages quickly to the right people at the […]

How to Communicate Reopening HOA Amenities This Summer

As vaccinations progress throughout the United States and many states take major strides to reopen, HOA’s across the country are formulating their plans on how to safely reopen amenities for the summer.  Once the community has developed a plan in which it can safely reopen amenities, it’s important to communicate that plan to your residents.  […]

May 11, 2021 Release Notes: Rich Text Editor for Websites, Export Resident Directory & More!

In this month’s release, we’ve rolled out a new feature to empower you to make a greater impact with your enterprise and community websites through your content. We’ve also released some enhancements to improve the user experience for managers and residents alike! New Feature Rich text editor for Enterprise and Community Websites Last month, we […]