How to appeal to #millenials

The countdown to Spring is on! Since we are just a few days away from a new season, we wanted to share some new information about Millenials, also referred to as Generation Y. People in this generation were born between early 1980’s and early 2000’s.

Did you know that Millennials are expected to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest generational segment? According to Property Management Insider, their potential buying power has grown to upwards of $200 billion annually.

Here are a few ways to make your property more appealing to this generation.

1. Provide Online Options

More than 75% of Millenials believe technology makes their lives easier, according to Nielsen. Millennials may be reluctant to drop off checks at the management office or call to report a problem, preferring more advanced forms of communication. Are you ready to reach them effectively? Pilera software allows you to communicate with residents using e-mails and SMS texts…

2. Go Green 

76% of millennials say they are more focused on the environment than their parents’ generation, according to MSNBCPilera helps communities save paper and reduce printing costs by providing online communication with residents.

3. Be Pet Friendly 

Millennials are becoming major power players in the consumer pet industry and 76% are   more likely to make impulsive purchase decisions on their pets than they would on themselves, according to Wakefield Research, which demonstrates the passion this generation has for pets. If your community doesn’t have a dog park, a good tip is to advertise the closest one as an option for residents to visit. Pilera makes this easy with e-mail and text messaging options.